Opening address of the First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Mauritius.


Opening address by Mr.Yandraduth Googoolye, First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Mauritius at the workshop on Legal Aspects of Financial Market Infrastructures

AFS August-October 2017 Bulletin


The latest issue of our quarterly bulletin, features:
1. the center’s capacity development activities during August – October 2017;
2. feedback from participants in AFS training;
3. the forthcoming AFS seminars and IMF free on-line courses; and
4. staff news.

Opening Address by Mr. D. Paligadu, Director,Ministry of Finance, Mauritius


Opening Address by Mr. D. Paligadu, Director, Mauritius Ministry of Finance and Economic Development at the Seminar on Prevention and Management of Government Expenditure Arrears

AFS May-July 2017 Bulletin


This issue of the quarterly bulletin, in addition to the quarter’s capacity development activities, features:
1. An interview with the outgoing Australian High-Commissioner on her three-year close
collaboration with AFRITAC South and the Africa Training Institute (p. 1)
2. A box on Madagascar’s release of rebased national accounts (p. 1)
3. A quote commenting on the peer-to-peer attachment featuring Lesotho and Swaziland
(p. 5)
4. A box on the Bank of Mozambique’s modernization project (p. 6)

AFS February-April 2017 Bulletin


AFS concluded FY17 with a higher volume of TA delivery – mainly supported by good traction in most AFS countries and more regional initiatives, including regional seminars and peer learning activities.

AFS November 2016-January 2017 Bulletin


In the past nine months AFS executed 71 percent of its planned annual technical assistance (TA) and training, transmitted over 75 TA reports, and conducted 13 regional seminars/courses. In addition, it delivered a number of tailored workshops and on the-job training during field visits. With increased traction in most countries and additional regional activities, the volume of TA is expected to exceed the initial plan by over 10 percent.

AFS October 2016 Bulletin


During the first six months of FY17 AFS executed some 256 field person-weeks of TA, representing 46 percent of the plan, transmitted over 55 TA reports and conducted eight regional seminars/courses. These were supported by tailored workshops and on-the-job training during field visits. Based on current information, the center is expecting to exceed the volume of TA delivery during FY17 , which broadly reflects increased traction in some countries.

AFS July 2016 Bulletin


This bulletin is an update on the implementation of the FY17 work plan in the first quarter (May -July 2016). AFS delivered some 122 field person-weeks of technical assistance (TA) across member countries, transmitted 29 TA reports to government agencies, and conducted four regional seminars in addition to the tailored workshops and on-the-job training provided during TA field visits/missions.

AFS April 2016 Bulletin


The AFS Steering Committee met in Ebene, Mauritius, on March 31- April 1. It endorsed the work plan for FY17, including greater flexibility for the reallocation of resources during implementation, thereby allowing AFS greater agility and responsiveness for improving execution. The FY17 work program will continue to be integrated with IMF HQ-led TA and will complement development partner initiatives in AFS member countries.

AFS January 2016 Bulletin


Public Financial Management: AFS TA supported countries to further improve budget and fiscal frameworks, strengthen inter-agency coordination, and make progress towards improving fiscal transparency, reporting, and risk management (Botswana, Lesotho, Mauritius, Madagascar, Mozambique, and Zambia).