Annual Reports

AFS Program Document for the Second Phase


Phase II program document sets the Center’s strategic direction in support of macroeconomic capacity building in the 13 member countries over the period August 2017 – April 2022. English, French and Portuguese versions can be downloaded below.

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AFS Annual Report FY 2017


Through FY17 capacity development initiatives aimed at strengthening economic institutions and empowering officials in the region continued to facilitate implementation of major reform plans and harmonization/integration programs with regional partners. FY17 has been another year with good realizations on several fronts. The Program Document for phase II, circulated in May 2017, and this report highlight the key milestones and outcomes achieved and the emerging CD needs. Most of the key milestones and outcomes have been met and independent assessments by development partners continued to assess favorably the center’s CD interventions.

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AFS Annual Report FY 2016


AFRITAC South (AFS) is now one year away from the conclusion of phase I. Over the past five years, the center has contributed to its member countries’ macroeconomic institution-building by helping to develop expertise, strengthen economic structures, and implement reforms.

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AFS Annual Report FY 2015


I have the pleasure of highlighting the achievements of AFRITAC South in FY15 and pointing to the road ahead. The year has been marked by the successful conclusion of the mid-term external evaluation.

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