Foreign Exchange Market Simulation for Central Banks

06/25/2018 - 06/29/2018 at Johannesburg, South Africa

Recent experience of exchange rate volatility in sub-Saharan African countries has forced many central banks to rethink their foreign exchange market operations. Inefficiency of market movement shows there is a general need to move away from pure administrative measures towards more market conforming methods and to deepen the understanding of money and foreign exchange market dynamics. Thus, central banks in the region are currently striving to improve their market intelligence for better understanding of market dynamics, to update market conventions and regulations, develop new instruments, and improve central bank operations to increase market efficiency and price discovery. To complement regular TA within this area, this workshop will provide for both theoretical fundamental knowledge and practical skills training.

This workshop’s intensive program will provide for close to real-life simulations of trade in a foreign exchange market environment. It is tailored to central banks and deals extensively with market conventions, role of central banks in the foreign exchange markets, and forward transactions. The workshop will have several sessions with foreign exchange market simulation exercises which are carried out on an electronic trading platform. The participants will trade with each other while market news come in. In addition, the workshop will include sessions on interbank market conventions, swap and forward instruments, characteristics of forward markets, trading platforms - features for swaps, and methods for trading.
This program is delivered by ACI Australia, which has a long experience in this type of FX market simulation courses. More information about ACI and the dealing simulations can be found at:
Language requirements: The course will be conducted in English and good working knowledge of English is required
As the event is held jointly with AFRITAC West 2 and East AFRITAC it will provide an excellent forum for experts from Eastern, Southern and Western African central banks to exchange experiences.