International Financial Reporting Standards(IFRS)

03/19/2018 - 03/23/2018 at Ebene, Mauritius

This seminar is designed for mid- to senior-level officials in central banks and bank supervisory agencies directly
responsible for prudential regulation, on-site and off-site supervision of banks. The seminar will be held in Mauritius,
during March 19-23, 2018.
IFRS has been adopted in most countries in the region and the implementation of IFRS 9 from January 2018 is expected to
usher in a paradigm shift, in the manner in which financial institutions classify, measure, and account for impairment of
financial instruments. Intricately connected to IFRS 9 are two other accounting standards, IFRS 7 (Financial Instruments:
Disclosure) and IFRS 13 (Fair value measurement of financial instruments). The goal of the seminar is to enhance the ability
of prudential regulators and bank supervisors/examiners to understand the implementation challenges of IFRS with
specific focus on these standards. The seminar is designed to expose officials to the underlying concepts of these standards
and equip them with the tools and techniques for conducting supervision of banks/financial institutions under the new
framework in the most effective way.
A key objective will be to raise awareness of the inter-linkages among these standards and implementation challenges.
After completing the seminar, officials will gain insight into the implications of IFRS 9 on credit risk models and blend the
IFRS 9 requirements with existing methods and models used for risk and regulatory purpose. The seminar will help prepare
participants for an efficient transition to IFRS 9 and design supervisory frameworks appropriate for their jurisdictions.
Participants will have the opportunity to discuss and learn the following:
 Critical aspects of IFRS 7, IFRS 9, and IFRS 13
 Classification and Measurement and Impairment of Financial Instruments under IAS 39 & IFRS 9
 Asset classification & Provisioning -Regulatory Approach
 Disclosure requirements of IFRS 7
 Fair Value Accounting -IFRS 13
 BCBS guidance on accounting for Expected Losses
 Transition arrangements of IFRS 9
 Implementation issues in IFRS 9
 Country experiences. Presentation by participants