IFRS 9- Implementation Issues

08/19/2019 - 08/23/2019 at Ebene, Mauritius

The overarching goal of the seminar is to enhance the ability of prudential regulators and bank supervisors/examiners to understand the implementation challenges of IFRS with specific focus on the above noted standards. The seminar is designed as a capsule program to familiarize participants with the underlying concepts of these standards and equip them with the tools and techniques for conducting supervision of banks/financial institutions under the new framework in the most effective way.

The seminar aims to make participants aware of the inter-linkages among these standards and implementation challenges involved. Aided by this awareness, officials will be better equipped to gain insights into the implications of IFRS 9 on credit risk models. This will enable the participants to be prepared for an efficient transition to IFRS 9 and design supervisory frameworks appropriate for their jurisdictions.