Patrick Rafolisy

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Governance and Anti-Corruption

Patrick Rafolisy, a national of Madagascar, is an anti-corruption expert with over twenty years' experience in the legal sector. In the Office of the President of Madagascar, Patrick has successively served as Executive Secretary of the Comité pour la Sauvegarde de l'Intégrité (CSI), responsible for the integrity component of Madagascar's national good governance programme, and of the Conseil Supérieur de Lutte Contre la Corruption (CSLCC), mandated to design and implement Madagascar's anti-corruption programme. In this role, he was specifically tasked with supporting the judicial reform process and developing the anti-money laundering system. Patrick's previous experience was in the Malagasy judiciary, where he served in various judicial positions, including as the founding Secretary General of the High Council of the Judiciary (CSM) in its current format.
Prior to joining AFRITAC South, Patrick worked in several anti-corruption and legal projects and consultancies in over 20 countries. Previously, he led the anti-corruption component of the USAID Mali Justice Program, worked as anti-corruption specialist for the International Development Law Organisation (IDLO) and was the Head of the Africa Office of the UK NGO Integrity Action (formerly known as Tiri) in its Nairobi office. He holds a Doctorate in Private Law and Criminal Sciences from the Université de Limoges, and an M.S. in International and European Law of Economic Relations from the Université de Nanterre, France.