De Santis Yves Noel

De Santis Yves Noel
Tax Administration

I am a French native with 28 + years’ experience in Revenue Administration as both practitioner and advisor.
From 20212 to now, I have been Project Manager for Capacity Development (CD) programs in Revenue Administration, at the IMF Fiscal Affairs Department, working collaboratively with tax authorities, various technical assistance providers, and donors on capacity development priorities, as well as providing direct technical assistance in more than 15 countries in various regions: Africa, Middle East and Western Hemisphere.
I’m specialized in a number of critical revenue administration issues: Strategic Planning, Revenue Administration Organization, post TADAT prioritization, Taxpayer Segmentation, Compliance Management and Self-assessment, Audit and Management of Arrears, Risk Management, Taxpayer Services, Small Business Tax Regimes, VAT Implementation and Administration, and Digitalization and Change Management Processes.

I have eighteen + years’ experience with the French Tax Administration (DGFiP), from operational agent to senior positions, alternating field, and HQ assignments. I have also been selected to oversee/manage an EU Funded program in Romania (PHARE) as Resident Twining Advisor (based in Bucharest) to strengthen the modernization of the tax administration (2008-2009).