Seminar on Repo Market Development

04/11/2023 - 04/14/2023 at South Africa

The purpose of the workshop is to support the central banks of the region in developing their repo markets (both
classic and buy/sell back), allow peer-to-peer sharing of country experiences and provide technical assistance to
strengthen the capacity of participating officials in these areas.
This four-day workshop will take stock of the current state of domestic repo markets; consider specific challenges;
discuss plans to develop domestic repo markets; and outline best practices. The workshop will cover selected topics
related to repo market development in much more detail, such as: (i) the importance of repo to economic and financial
market development; (ii) the need for buy/sell back repos in the strategies to enhance the secondary markets for fixed income securities; (iii) the legal character of repo and how it works; (iv) applications of repo; (v) Global Master
Repurchase Agreement and country-specific legal issues; and (vi) the prerequisites for developing a repo market.
The seminar will be facilitated by the Regional Advisors; Mr. Marin Molosag (AFRITAC South), Mr. Callie Hugo (AFRITAC
East) and Mr. Gani Gerguri (AFRITAC West 2)