Webinar on application of GovTech solutions to improve public financial mgt

04/10/2023 - 04/14/2023 at Mauritius

GovTech solutions present new opportunities and challenges for digitalizing public financial management. They offer
the potential to dramatically improve data collection and storage, increase the speed of transactions, and facilitate
government interactions with citizens.
Building up on the previous regional workshops on PFM and digitalization 5 this workshop, jointly organized with FAD,
will provide a peer-learning platform to the participants to share their experiences and to learn from international and
regional best practices in digitalizing PFM. It will explore how PFM digital solutions should evolve and interact within
the whole-of-government approach to modernize the public sector.
Acknowledging the role of digitalization in delivering public services — especially during the COVID19 pandemic— and
in enhancing fiscal transparency through improving fiscal reporting, member countries are even more demanding of
capacity development in this area