AFS Annual Report FY 2016

AFRITAC South (AFS) is now one year away from the conclusion of phase I. Over the past five years, the center has contributed to its member countries’ macroeconomic institution-building by helping to develop expertise, strengthen economic structures, and implement reforms.

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AFS Annual Report FY 2015

I have the pleasure of highlighting the achievements of AFRITAC South in FY15 and pointing to the road ahead. The year has been marked by the successful conclusion of the mid-term external evaluation.

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Independent Mid‐Term Evaluation Phase I: June 2011 to April 2014

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AFS Annual Report FY 2014

The fiscal year (FY) 2014 was another growth year for AFRITAC South (AFS). This growth in AFS activities helped our member countries to strengthen capacity in the face of a diverse set of challenges in a slowly recovering world economy. The 90-percent implementation rate of the work program for FY 2014 is a testimony to the high demand for AFS capacity building services.

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AFS Annual Report FY 2013

The financial year (FY) 2013 (May 1, 2012–April 30, 2013) was another successful year for AFS. Technical assistance (TA) and training activities more than doubled in FY 2013, indicating strong demand for the center’s activities and good traction. AFS helped member countries achieve tangible results in improving their compliance with international good practices and standards. In the area of public financial management (PFM), the modernization of PFM legislation, a strengthening of medium-term budget and fiscal frameworks, and improvements in accounting and reporting are particularly noteworthy. In the area of revenue administration, many member countries can now benefit from enhancements to organizational structures and better compliance management. In the
area of financial sector supervision, the center helped a number of countries to advance important regulatory reforms. In the area of real sector statistics, there was encouraging progress in improving national accounts and price statistics.

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AFS Annual Report FY 2012

AFS was administratively opened in June 2011 andofficially inaugurated in October 2011. During FY2012, the center gradually reached its full capacityin terms of staffing and activities, consistent witha scaled down envelope of $40.4 million for the first five-year funding cycle (FY 2012–FY 2016).

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