Compliance and Risk Management

02/25/2019 - 03/01/2019 at To be confirmed

RAs are increasingly expected to do more with less. The resources provided by governments are limited and the pressure is mounting for RA’s to cut on their cost of collection, while also reducing the cost of compliance on taxpayers. The biggest risk to any RA is failure by taxpayers to comply to their obligations of registering, filing, paying and reporting accurately in their declarations to the RAs. Inability to manage compliance risk threaten the ability of the organization to achieve its organizational/corporate objective of mobilizing enough revenue to meet the standards and target set by government.

The concept of managing risk is well understood by revenue administration and yet its application is superficial and ineffective in many of the RAs.

The purpose of this seminar on risk management is to enhance the ability of RAs to manage corporate priorities through effective RM. It will provide a platform for participants to discuss and learn from each other how they could strengthen the RM functionality to make it efficient and effective within their own revenue administrations. Leading presentations shall be made on best practices in application of the RM process within a revenue administration setting. However, the value of this seminar is expected to be largely derived from the interactions, exchanges and sharing of experiences by participants themselves.