Crisis Management and Crisis Resolution

10/15/2018 - 10/19/2018 at SARB Academy, Pretoria, South Africa

The seminar will inform participants about the need to keep abreast of the above developments and be ready for the implementation challenges. It will offer participants the opportunity to review and discuss key aspects of the resolution process including recent developments by the international standard setting bodies such as the BCBS and FSB. It will strive to find internationally coordinated solutions that take account of the impact of the crisis on the financial systems and real economies of other countries, drawing on information, arrangements and plans developed ex-ante. In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, these issues have rapidly risen to the top of international and regional policy agendas. Reforms initiated in crisis management target the improvement of powers and tools for dealing with weak banks with a particular emphasis on SIFIs. The seminar will address the following:

-introduction to the key elements of macroprudential supervision and financial stability;
-key attributes of effective resolution regimes for financial institutions;
-developments in cross border supervision; and
-roundtable discussion on an implementation framework for Southern African countries.

The seminar will require close interaction among the participants, with the resource persons guiding the interactions. Representatives from select countries will be required to make a presentation on case studies involving crisis resolution infrastructure and crisis management strategies in their countriy. Presentations will be given by international experts, including from IMF headquarters. The Course curriculum includes interactive discussion and group exercises with fellow participants, regulatory experts, and industry practitioners.